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Property holding services

Buying overseas property can increase your liability to a number of taxes, including capital gains and inheritance tax. Without careful financial planning you could find that the taxman takes away more than you expected.

But there is a solution.

Using a corporate structure to buy high value property overseas can reduce or even avoid these potential tax liabilities. Depending on where the property is situated corporate ownership may also provide other benefits. These could include savings on legal fees, transfer taxes, value added taxes and stamp duties.

The ownership of most movable and immovable investment assets including stocks, shares, securities, bonds, mutual funds, and other can be consolidated in an offshore investment holding company. Such a structure allows for confidentiality of ownership and significant tax advantages. The right selection of an international jurisdiction for the use of double tax treaties can reduce or eliminate withholding taxes on dividend income. The return on these investments is significantly higher, given that the income is received and accumulated in a no tax or tax beneficial environment. Furthermore, the tax on the profit from a potential disposal of such investments can be reduced or eliminated.